Complete Shingle Roof Systems

A quality roofing system involves the underlayment, shingles and ventilation products all working together. Day after day, year after year, a Complete Roof System is designed to provide optimum performance — no matter how bad weather conditions are. After all, better quality shingles mean longer-lasting roofs. Add in underlayment and ventilation products, and you’ve got a roof system that really works.

To achieve this type of performance, you must first start with an underlayment such as 15# or 30# felt paper. This is an underlayment that provides protection. It is a high performance underlayment that provides a protective water-resistant layer over your roof deck.

The next step is to have a quality shingle, preferably at least a 30 year series minimum. High-quality shingles are available in a wide variety of styles and colors from several great roofing manufacturers like CertainTeed, GAF, Owens Corning, Elk and more. All of the top brands have quality shingles to meet the requirements of a complete roof system.

Make sure to complete the system with all of the accessories. Hip and ridge accessories provide the perfect finishing touch in the appearance of any roof. Finalistic or any equivalent type of roll roofing product should be used for porches, carports and any flat roof areas. You will also need effective ventilation to help guard against premature roof deck deterioration and provide year-round benefits. A properly balanced ventilation system is required for a roof to qualify as a complete shingle roofing system.

Complete Roof System

The final, but debatable the most important, you must have your roofing system installed properly by a qualified roofing contractor. Most top brands will even provide additional coverage for using a roofing contractor that has been certified through their company. Remember, even if your buy the best products on the market, improper installation will cause your roof system to fail and in some cases, the manufacturer's warranty voided due to the installation. So choose wisely when selecting or just call Rodriguez Roofing and forget about the worries.

For more information on shingle roof systems, contact our customer service department from Rodriguez Roofing Company Now! We will give you all of the information you need to make an educated decision on what system is right for you and your home.

You can review more types of roofing systems such as the Metal Roof Systems for help in your selection. Other types of systems such as tile and clay are available upon request. If you are seeking this type of roof system, please contact us.